We now have buyers for the following Mexican, Gold Backed Bearer Bonds:


1905 BLUEBERRIES 21.000.000/30.000.000 PS


1843 Black Eagle 27,500 peso

1843 Black Eagle 30,000 peso

1851 Black Eagle 20,000 peso

Santa Ana Bond

Black Diamond

Benito Juarez

We do have an immediate need for the Queen Victoria bonds 1000 face value. We need the Seller's package. If Seller objects to sending the package to us, then we will settle for the CIS + Bond number. The Buyer will then contact the seller and seller can send the buyer the package bank/bank or whatever they agree on. The funds are ready and waiting.

We also have an immediate need for the Mexican 27,500 face value bond. Same procedures as above.



Brazilian LTN's, Venezuelan Bonds and other Historical Gold Backed Bonds. 

We have a consortium of banks wanting to lock in the following bonds today - REPRESENTED AS ONE VERY CREDIBLE BUYER:
They have people on the ground in USA and Mexico - on the East and West Coast and in Mexico City and Guadalajara.

2 x Blue Doves in Mexico                                  $1.25T / 500b
2 x Blue Doves in USA                                        $1.25T/ 500b

1 x Eagle - Mexico or USA                                  TBA

2 X Double Doves in USA (E or W Coast)          $   8b / 4b
2 x Double Doves in Guadalajara                      $   8b / 4b
2 x Double Doves in Mexico City                      $   8 b / 4b

10 or more x Doves in USA - N.Y or FL tomorrow         $2.5b / 1.5b
10 or more x Doves in Guadalajara                                $ 2.5b / 1.5b
10 or more x Doves in Mexico City                                $ 2.5b / 1.5b

Historical Bonds Wanted for Purchase. Please call if you have any questions. Buyer is paying between $20M and $25M per bond depending how many you have for sale and the location. The commission available is between $5M to $10M per bond. Offer expires soon.

Our buyer is looking for the 1913 Tesoro $975 Pesos, Series C Mexican Gold Backed Bearer Bonds. You will need to act fast, these buyers will be finished buying these bonds this summer  2012.

1913 Mexican Bond Series A, buyer is paying $9M net to seller. 1913 Mexican White Dove Blanco 97,500 pesos, buyer is paying $1.2B-$2B per bond. We also have a buyer for Japanese Series 57 Bonds.

Note: Please do not ask for LOI or proof of funds up front, these buyers will say no and move on to the next seller.

The Procedure is as follows:     [This information may change at any time] 

1.  This is a ‘private purchase’ transaction of ‘Historical Bonds’ with no verifiable value.

2.  Bonds are accepted in lots of 100 for deposit. Less than 100 Bonds can be accepted if Depository is able to combine several bond holders to make up the minimum of 100. Smaller lots will be considered on a case by case basis.

3.  The following information is required to start:

·         We will need either a safe keeping receipt (SKR), sanitized is fine for now, or an attestation letter from an attorney or a banker stating that the client is the owner and the bonds do exist and are being held in a bank or depository and has the authority to sell these bonds. We have a template available if you need one.

    We will also need the seller to sign the fee protection agreement and the NCND. We will provide this to the seller. 

4.  Once the buyer has these two items, the buyer will issue a verifiable  LOI and provide proof of funds to the seller.

5.  Once the buyer has the counter signed LOI from the seller, the buyer will issue a closing contract.

6.  Once the buyer has the signed closing contract from the seller they will close within 72 hours.

7. Depending on amounts to be paid i.e. very large amounts will be paid by internal ‘ledger to ledger’ transfer; others ‘bank to bank’ by Swift to the account designated by Bond holder. Intermediary Fee is protected and paid by the Depository as Paymaster.

Note: Please do not ask for LOI or proof of funds up front, these buyers will say no and move on to the next seller.

For all Petrobras Bonds: $1,500.00 per Bond. Intermediary Fee: $200.00 per Bond. Prices to be confirmed with new Buyer. Minimum number of bonds to process is 10,000. Bonds can be in the California Depository or the Depository’s account in Freilager AG, Zurich, in the account of the depository. 

Brazilian Treasury Notes – LTN's (Letra do Tesoro Nacional) with 1.2B face value. Minimum number required is 15 LTN's – maximum of 25 per contract, for entry to PPP.


Below is information, protocol and procedures on bringing forth the above reference Mexican bonds.  The impetus behind the purchase of the bonds is that Mexico is restructuring part of its debt.    Our contact and his colleagues have represented that they have completed the process and are in the payment period. 

As represented…    Our colleague is direct to the Representative Buyer/Facilitator who is located in Los Angeles.  They seek for immediate purchase 1913 Mexico 975 Pesos Series “C” (hereinafter “1913”) and Bonds and 1930 Mexico 100 Pesos Bonds (hereinafter 1930 Bonds). 

-   Purchase Prices and Fees;

   1913:    The approximate price per bond for the 1913 bonds is USD$13 Million with a Net is USD$11.5 Million.  The approximate fee paid per 1913 bonds is approximately USD$1.5 Million.

   1930:   The price is being determined and we will advise as soon as possible. [PRICE TERMS ARE NOW IN ON THIS TOO (RE-READ INTRO PARAGRAPH)

-The bank involved is a Top 10 world bank located in Europe. 

-The Buyer is utilizing a greater Los Angeles, TOP California bank and equity firm to facilitate the purchases.  Sellers need to travel to Los Angeles as the transaction is completed on a “face-to-face” meeting in a bank with the President and Trustee for the secured depository trust and attorneys.  



- Short Letter of Interest on Letterhead confirming with Full Authority that he is the Seller and is ready, willing and able to sell bonds per the terms/price as noted above and travel to Los Angeles area for closing [Must disclose number of bonds owner is seeking to sell along with bond serial numbers and statements of ownership and a short paragraph on non-solicitation on full letterhead to include contact numbers of Seller].

-The Seller needs to provide the bond serial numbers in advance so to enable the facilitator to prepare Safekeeping Receipts (“SKR”) in advance of the meeting to enable a “real time” transaction to occur.

- The Seller is contacted by the Los Angeles based authorized buyer to discuss transaction procedures, pricing and protocol. Meeting is inside the (Calif) Bank.

- The Seller and Buyer meet with Banker and Attorney inside the bank.

Please be aware that it takes Three to Five Banking Days to Authenticate and Validate Bonds; it takes approximately Three Banking Days for payment disbursement….”

Thank you for your time and consideration

The serial number is the big determining factor as we have to make sure the bond serial is not blacklisted.  We can tell you this pretty much immediately pending today’s new list from the consulate of Mexico.  

We are currently contracting on Series C, white doves, double doves and blue doves.

Brokers/Intermediaries:  These transactions are very sensitive.  After initial introductions we need to be in direct contact with the Seller's mandate.  No exceptions. If you can't do that then please don't contact us.  You will be compensated accordingly and handsomely.


We may be able to monetize your bank and financial instruments for PPP. Each PPP terms will be on a case by case basis. No general descriptions of programs is available. If you are interested we need to authenticate Instruments first.  
Principles only. No leased or assigned Instruments will be accepted. Proof of ownership will be required.  
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